The Placer Hills Education Foundation (“PHEF”) welcomes your involvement!

As a volunteer run organization, PHEF offers many ways for you to support us in our mission. Whether you are interested in donating an item to our dinner/auction, volunteering your time or serving on our Board of Directors, PHEF encourages you to contact us today to discuss ways for you to get involved. Your support through a tax deductible gift ensures that children in our community will continue to have access to a quality education. In-kind donation are also accepted. Please help sustain amazing K-8 education opportunities by contributing today. It’s easy! Just click one of the following links …

  • Make a One Time Donation through Paypal or mail a check to:
    Placer Hills Education Foundation
    P.O. Box 757
    Meadow Vista, CA 95722
  • Recurring Donations… no need to use this web site or Paypal to set up a recurring donation. Please contact the Treasurer: Glenn Pierce
    for more information.
  • To Volunteer for PHEF, Kristen Gadway , contact our president.
  • Become a PHEF Director
  • Share Your Ideas … PHEF is always looking for new ways to help set the benchmark as to what 21st century K-8 education can and should be. Got any ideas how PHEF should thank the parents and students at Weimar?
** Paypal is now charging $19.99 per monthly to provide this service, and charges PHEF 1.2% of your donation as a processing fee. To insure 100% of your donations go the schools, we ask you to setup recurring payments with your credit card company or online banking provider.